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Role of Club LiRF’s (Leaders in Running Fitness)

  1. LiRF’s should volunteer to lead club run nights, via the LiRF rota, on a regular basis.

  2. LiRF’s should plan the routes/runs for the group that they are leading and broadcast the planned activity in the club WhatsApp groups. Sessions should broadly follow the published sessions on the website.

  3. LiRF’s should check that all participants have HiViz and head torches before setting off on a club session.

  4. LiRF’s should lead a warm up pre run (dynamic moving activity) and cool down post run (static stretches).

  5. Before setting out the LiRF should explain about any risks/hazards that may be encountered on the run.

  6. Before setting out the LiRF should explain the route, pace, rest periods, length of rep/hill etc to participants placing emphasis on the fact that any speed sessions are based on the participants own speed and that we aren’t racing.

  7. The LiRF should emphasise that participants should always keep other participants in sight and particularly ensure that no participants are ever isolated from the group.

  8. LiRF’s should check if anyone in the group has any health issue that the LiRF should be aware of.

  9. LiRF’s should carry a phone on runs and ensure that they have access to the booking in system and thus the runner’s emergency contact details in event of accidents.

  10. The LiRF should always be at the rear of the group on sessions that are runs other than hill/speed reps and try to keep the group in sight on speed/hill reps.

  11. LiRF should adjust/adapt sessions subject to circumstances, e.g. adverse weather.

  12. The LiRF should do their utmost to ensure the safety of participants.

  13. In the event of any problems arising or incidents/accidents occurring during a run report immediately after the run to the Welfare Officer(s).

  14. The LiRF should ensure that they have an up to date DBS.

  15. The LiRF should undertake Safeguarding and First Aid courses as required in order to maintain their LiRF licence.

  16. Please note that LiRF’s are not coaches but will inevitably provide advice and support. For coached sessions (e.g. Couch to 5K) we should try to observe a recommended maximum ratio of 1 run leader (or coach) to 12 athletes or work in partnership with another run leader (or coach).

  17. Display the following characteristics:

    1. Safety Conscious 

    2. Inclusive of all members

    3. Approachable

    4. Positive

    5. Motivating

    6. Member-centric (e.g. design sessions for the benefit of the group not the LiRF)

    7. Dedicated

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