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Couch to 5k Graduation
March 12 2022

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In January 2022, Styal Running Club started a 10 week Couch to 5k course for people beginning their running journey, or returning after a long break. It was designed to prepare the participants for running Wilmslow parkrun in March. The course was led by Coaching and Development Officer Tony Collier, and supported by the club's Run Leaders and members. 

These are some testimonials from the group:

"From arriving barely able to run for 2 minutes we have progressed week on week to know we are able to run for 40 minutes.  It’s been great fun with very supportive people.  Here’s to progressing to the 10K."


"This couch to 5k experience has been brilliant. I always said I couldn’t run but now, after 10 weeks and the support of a fantastic group of people, I am seriously thinking of joining a running club and doing even more. Tony, who led the course, has been an inspiration, providing advice and encouragement and individual attention. The commitment from the rest of the club has also been superb, with many turning up every Saturday just to help people on their journey. The communication has been excellent throughout, creating a social group and friendships that are likely to continue. Thank you to all involved and I have no hesitation in recommending the course and Styal Running Club."


"I cannot speak highly enough of Tony and the rest of the club volunteers, their encouragement support and humour was fantastic.  From the sofa to 5k was something I had given up on, but the motivation and support of the group proved anyone can do this."


"Great C25K course! Inspirational and supportive leaders who have helped us run our first 5K Parkrun!! No judgement, no competition just enjoyable sessions to encourage you to participate and enjoy! Thanks so much to Tony and the SRC Team."



"I used to run a fair bit but stopped about 9 years ago to do long distance walking. Over the last 12 months I have tried to get going again – but found it hard on my own, so I joined the Styal RC “Couch to 5K” course. The programme has been excellent and I would give 10 out of 10 for Tony’s organisation.

Each session has been made interesting by introducing variety in the exercises.

We have been given help with “running style” and stretches both before and after each run.  My plan is to run 10K in May and then hopefully a half marathon later this year. The London Marathon in 2023 is a bit of a dream – but who knows?!?!"


"I've done a bit of jogging on and off for a few years using the couch to 5 k app or running with community groups.  I decided to try to get fit with Styal again, expecting much the same - enjoyment and a bit of running.  I got so much more though and was really surprised.  From week 1, the support from Tony and all the runners at Styal Running Club has been amazing.  They're so supportive and Tony is simply inspirational; I've learned about running style and techniques, kit, different running systems when running as a group and really enjoyed the camaraderie I've experienced.  I'm hoping to continue past the parkrun and have been assured further support will be on offer to help me join the running group and to achieve the distance and pace required.  It's been hard work but so much fun and worthwhile and I'd recommend Styal to any novice like me who'd like to learn how to run safely.  I can't thank Tony and the team enough."


"On my first session I managed to run for only a couple of minutes. Today 9 weeks later I ran for 35 mins. I could not have done that without the encouragement, inspiration and support from Tony and all the team at Styal Running Club as well as my fellow runners. They have constantly pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could do. To run with a group is so much more fun than running on your own. It is not a race but a personal achievement."


"Just wanted to say what a great experience enrolling on the C25K course has been.  I have had fun, got slightly faster and met some wonderful characters.

As our coach Tony has been a wonderful motivator, inspiration and supporter, which has been truly appreciated by all the group.  

His leadership has allowed all of us to achieve far more than we thought we would, that is a true gift we have all embraced."


Tony Collier

Coaching and Development Officer

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