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If you would like to know more just drop us an email or give us a call.


Alternatively come and see us at:


Spindles Health Club

Airport Inn

Altrincham Road




We run every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  We meet at 6pm ready to run at 6.15pm.

We also run Saturday and Sunday Mornings.   Times on these can vary so please check with us first.


Alternatively you can phone Spindles direct on: 01625 889901 for more infomation on Styal Running Club.



Marathon Major Sale Sizzler August 2015

Please remember to wear your club shirt when racing

Proposed Races For 2015



4                                                Chester Half & Full Marathon

?                                                Congleton Half Maratrhon

11                                              Royal Parks Half Marathon



7                                                 Langley 7



6                                                 Yule Yomp




Well done to our amazing


Tim, Kay and Lorna


All completed the Lakeland Trail Ultra Marathon 55k



Kay and Lorna Receiveing their award for Exceptional Achievement



North Cheshire Grand Prix

Age Group Winner 2014 & 2015

Alan Jenkinson

Well Done to our Prague Ladies Relay Team

2nd Team over the line

Post Race Team Photo

Next Meeting

Thursday 26 November 8pm


Styal Running Club


Spindles Health Club

Airport Inn

Altrincham Road






Want to join us?

Drop us a messge vai our contact form



Latest Race Results 2015

Sale Sizzler 5k

Club Handicap

Andy P             20.03

Peter                20.34

Barrie               20.41

Emma               20.42

Matt                  20.52

Tim                   21.41

Andy Dol          23.43

Lorna                25.24PB

Andy Du           25.26

Chris                 26.53

Paula                27.36

Tracey              27.37


We Love M/cr 10k

Barry                 44.01 PB

Kieran                53.17


Wizzard 5 Mile

Alan J                 39.41

1st in age group


Sale Sizzler No 2

Andy P              19.23

Martin                21.06PB

Aidan                 23.02

Andy                  23.19

Alan H               27.44

Chris                 28.10


Lymm 10k Trai Race

Andy Penny        40.59


Emma                  43.17

20th and 1st Lady

Tim                      44.03

V55 Winner

Martin                  46.24

Tony                    48.19

2nd V55

Jon                      50.44

Kay                      51.30

Brenda                 52.02

Andy D                 52.46

James                  54.05

Louise                  57.56

5k Race

Steve Shaw         28.14

Tracey                 30.32

FV55 Winner

Special Mention to

Stan and Eliza for completing the Fun Run.


Blackpool Half

Carolyn                2.17


Lakeland Ultra Marathon

55K (actual 58k)

Tim                     9.26

Kay                    10.00

Lorna                 10.00


North Cheshire Series

WINNER for Age Group

Alan Jenkinson


Sale Sizzler No 1

Andy P.               18.33

Emma                  20.34

Barrie                   20.37

Aidan                   23.12

Andy D                 23.21

Kieran                  25.21

Chris                    28.56

Alan H                  29.00


Conistorn Trail Marathon

Tim                   4.42


Keswick 25K Trail Race

(actualy 27k)

Kay                    3.23(PB)

Lorna                 3.56(PB)


Chester Half Marathon

Andy P.           1.27(PB)

Barrie              1.37(PB)


Royal Berks 10k

Kerry               1.05(PB)


Manchester 10K

Andrew P         39.36(PB)

Andy D.            55.17



10K Trail Race

Louise               1.23

17k Trail Race

Tim                    1.41


Prague Marathon Relay

Louise                 55.25

Paula                  1.01 

Rachael               50.16

1st in age group

Claire                  1.00

2nd Ladies Relay Team


Liverpool 10k

Kieran               53.22


London Marathon

Tim                    3,24

Barrie                3.42

Jon                    4.26


Whitley 10K

Alan J             48.19

James            49.15(PB)


Boston Marathon

Charlie               5.13

Paula                 5.16


Edinburgh 10 Mile

Claire L               1.38


Hawkshead 17K Trail

Tim                     1.38


Manchester Marathon

Sarah                 3.22(PB)

Tony                   3.26

Andy Penny       3.40(PB)


Brighton Marathon

Kieran               4.59(PB)


Liverpool Half

Claire N            1.43

1st in age group


Wilmslow Half

Andy P              1.32

Mary                  1.36

Emma                1.37(PB)

Alan J                1.45

James                1.45(PB)

Claire N             1.47

Gerry                 1.48

Martin                1.51

Aidan                 1.54

Claire L              2.00

Jackie                2.02

Charlie               2.11


Cartmel 18K Trail

Kay                   1.53(PB)

Lorna                2.25(PB)


Rome Marathon

Tim                   3.29

Tony                 3.43

Andy                 3.59

Jon                   4.02(PB)


Trafford 10k

Andy P            41.04(PB)

Barry               44.21

Andy Duck      52.40


Den Haag 10k

David S          41.30(PB)


High Legh 10K

Andy P            41.14 (PB)

Brenda            47.45

3rd in age group

Rob                  48.45

1st in age group

Kay                  49.04 (PB)

Kieran              50.25 (PB)

Louise              54.19

Lorna               56.21(PB)


Tatton 10k

Emma             46.26(PB)

4th Lady


Brighton Half Marathon

Kieran.                 1.57(pb)         

Alsager 5

Alan j                    39.29

Dave Asp.             41.13


Mad Dog 10k

Rob                        47.23

Andy Duck.            52.35



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