Greyhound Pub Away Day

From the Greyhound pub in Ashley take the road towards Tatton Park. On the right you’ll come to the entrance to Ashley Hall. Take this road all the way past the film studios and the hall until you come out at the other end on Ashley Road and turn left. After approx 400m turn left onto Ashley Mill Lane. Follow this road taking the right fork just past the car park. When you come to a gap in the hedge on the left go through and turn right following the path all the way around the field (following the path of the Bollin). When you rise up the other side of the field you’ll come to double gates on the right (locked). Approx 200m further up on the right there is a path through the hedge. Take this and turn right and follow the farm path for approx 1 mile. Approx 100m before the farm there is a path on your left. Take this and follow the left hand edge of the field until you come to a Stile on the left. Go through this and continue through the woods until you cross the motorway. When you cross the motorway turn left. Follow this path for about 3/4 mile until you come to Ashley Road and turn left. Follow this road all the way back to the Greyhound pub.



Morley Green Run inc Hill Repeats

Bollin Trail Run

Road Run to Wilmslow

Road Run to Wilmslow inc Alderley Edge


Head towards airport tunnels turning left up the firestation approach road. Take gate to the left of firestation entrance and then gate on the right. Follow dirt path until you hit the tarmac surface down the hill. Head right at the bottom through the tunnels and follow the road until you cross the river over a bridge to your left. Proceed up the hill turning left at the cattle grids. Proceed straight ahead crossing 2 stiles and then back on the tarmac. Follow that until you reach a 90% turn in the road. Do not take the turn! Instead proceed through gap in hedge and follow dirt path underneath flight path. At the end of dirt path turn left (Wood Lane) until you come to a gate on the right and follow dirt path again. At the end of dirt path go back on the road until you reach a left turn (at a triangle). Take the left turn and follow road to the end then go through a gate and follow path alongside the runway until you reach some steps and go down these, down the hill on tarmac and turn right and immediately left over bridge at the bottom of the hill and then right, up the hill and back the way the run started.

Toilets in The Carrs and back

Follow the zigzag path to the runway and run beside the runway until you arrive at the old road. Follow the road to the gate and cross the cobbles going straight ahead towards Styal. Turn right past the Methodist church at Styal village turning left after the church towards the Apprentice House. Turn right at Apprentice House and down past the mill. Then follow the trail through the woods alongside the Bollin until you get to the toilets in the Carrs. Follow the same route back to the gym.

Caravan Park – Moor Lane

Up the hill from the club to the Honey Bee and turn right towards The Smoke House. At Smoke House turn right and immediately left and follow the road to the caravan park. At the caravan park follow the dirt path to the left of it and stay on this and subsequent roads until you come out at Moor Lane. Turn left up Moor Lane and follow this until you get to the shops where you turn left. At Racecourse Road turn left and follow this to the main A538 then turn left towards Morley. Continue to The Smoke House and turn right back towards the club. (A slightly different version through Lindow Common instead of around Racecourse Road could be used).



Dunham away run