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Styal RC Help Set Wilmslow Parkrun Record

Well Saturday was a fabulous culmination of ten weeks training a very enthusiastic group of beginners of which 25 stuck the distance and completed Wilmslow Parkrun on Saturday. Given that many of them had never run before the course started this was a brilliant achievement and we owe a massive vote of thanks to James, Brenda and Andy who organised it so ... More

Beginners Course

The club will be running a 10 week beginners training course commencing at 10.00am on Saturday 17th September led by Andy Dooley, Brenda Lewis and James Bell, 3 of our clubs 6 Leaders In Running Fitness, and supported by the other leaders and club members. The course will teach participants the basics of running as well as pass on important information ... More

Club Handicap Race

Congratulations to Emma on winning the Club Handicap race at Sale Sizzler 4. Pete was 2nd just 1 second behind and Carolyn a further 2 seconds behind, a really close finish! Full times were (showing handicap, actual time, and +/- Handicap) Martin 22.40 22.14 -0.26 Andy Do 23.50 24.11 +0.21 Emma 22.40 21.44 -0.56 Jon 24.30 23.53 -0.37 Kay 25.40 25.53 ... More

Lorna completes Ironman

  Congratulations to Lorna on completing her half Ironman at Cholmondley! Fantastic achievement! The following is Lorna's race report. My total time was 7.15, broken down as 46 min swim, 4.14 bike, 2.09 run and remaining time in between is transition time. Swim was 1.9km plus a mini run in the middle (we were hoisted out of the lake as ... More

The Great North Run

Great North run if anyone would like to take part on behalf of the Brain and Spine Foundation. The charity needs fund raising to reach a target of £350 for each place. More

Comrades Race Report

THE ULTIMATE HUMAN RACE - IT WILL HUMBLE YOU It all started on a walk with a 71 year old lady in the Italian Dolomites. Turned out we both had a passion for running and I asked her the fatal question "what was your favourite race?". She answered Comrades and I looked at her blankly. She then went on to explain that it is one of the most iconic road races ... More

Comrades Congratulations Tony

Congratulations Tony on finishing The Comrades in 9.46!   THE ULTIMATE HUMAN RACE When a race is described as above and its motto is “It will humble you”, you know you are facing a stern challenge.   For the last 7 or 8 years I have wanted to take on the Comrades Marathon having met a 70 year old lady who had run it and told me ... More

A CAFT thank you

The Childrens Adventure Farm Trust have sent a letter and certificate thanking and acknowledging Styal RC for their support of the charity. More

10th Anniversary success

Styal running club celebrated their 10th anniversary by holding a charity dinner to raise money for The Childrens Adventure Farm Trust. More

Family Day

We are organising a family fun day at the gym, on Sunday 3rd July from midday onwards (after the Alderley Edge Bypass Run). We'll be making use of the gardens and pool facilities at Spindles, hopefully to encourage runners other halves and kids to get together. More