Club Guidelines

Road Safety

During Club sessions it is necessary for all Club Members to show due care, consideration and courtesy to other road users to ensure our mutual safety. These principles also extend to consideration for private property when using public rights-of-way in off-road running. During Club activities all members are expected to wear reflective tops when out running on the roads during the hours of darkness. (The Club will provide reflective tops on loan for those members who forget).

Also any members who are responsible for other members by leading or co-leading groups during the hours of darkness must lead by example and wear a reflective top.

When running during the hours of darkness, group leaders will plan routes which are well-lit and where there are pavements along most of the route.

The use of headphones is discouraged on on-road training runs.

Loss & Damage

The Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or injury suffered as a result of participating in any Club activities.

Health & Safety

The safety of our runners is very important to us. Any Safety issues should be brought, by email, to the attention of the Club Secretary for the appropriate action to be taken. The Club will seek to be aware of any members that have First Aid qualifications in case of emergency. The Club will provide a stocked First Aid Kit available on Club Nights.