Team Styal Endure TR24

The weather God’s conspired against us and the other several thousand runners all camping out at TR24. Sunny and bright for the first few hours of this 24 hour endurance event last until tea time on Saturday but soon disintegrated when the heavens opened and the deluge of rain that was going to last for the next 16 hours commenced.

The idea was that each team of 5 would run as many circuits of the 10k cross country course as they could in 24 hours. The course was tough and challenging when it was dry but became a dangerous and slippy muddy quagmire when the rain started.

Both teams completed 200km and each runner did 4 10km circuits (including one of our newest members, Brian Burgess, who had only ever previously completed one 10k race). A sensible decision was made after 20 hours that to continue was just too dangerous and a day was called at breakfast time this morning (the rain then decided to stop but everyone had had enough and we didn’t want any more injuries!).

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