Lorna completes Ironman


imageCongratulations to Lorna on completing her half Ironman at Cholmondley! Fantastic achievement!

The following is Lorna’s race report.

My total time was 7.15, broken down as 46 min swim, 4.14 bike, 2.09 run and remaining time in between is transition time.

Swim was 1.9km plus a mini run in the middle (we were hoisted out of the lake as there was no ramp and had to run 100 m round the lake and over a bobbing pontoon and back in the water and do the second loop). I should have been much faster on the swim but it was my first experience of swimming with that many people over that distance and it was a tad daunting especially when I got elbowed in the cheek bone! So I tended to stay back at the beginning and it took me a while to get into my full front crawl. But you live and learn.

I was very happy with my bike despite it not being super speedy as I wouldn’t of expected me to do it any faster, not on my old bike anyhow. It was 60 miles and 2800 ft of elevation (most of which was in two hills per loop with three loops). The run was a half marathon and I’d done it in two hours in training even after a bike and was really looking fwd to a pb but it turned out to have quite a bit of trail and a few hills and on tired legs I lost my willpower towards the end of the race and slowed down/walked in places. If I’m completely honest I also got to the point of knowing I’d done a faster half IM than I’d expected and so found it hard to push myself through the inevitable pain/tiredness at that stage as I didn’t feel I needed to (bad girl).

I was really happy with my time but I could/should of done it in 7 hours. Maybe next time eh

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